High performers do not work.

High performers make a career.

HIPE AWARD is one of the most important and prestigious awards in the DACH region - as an independent testing institute for service providers - with more than 12 million companies reached and around 20,000 applications every year.

We are trend pioneers in our industry. We are young and old, curious and experienced, motivated and in a high spirited - with enthusiasm and passion. WE ARE ONE CREW.

We value you as a person - your values, your talents and your skills. You can successfully contribute your skills and personal characteristics to a job that matters. Important for you, important for us, but above all important for the entire service industry.

A varied, exciting and opportunity-rich career awaits you here, with the opportunity to take the service market to the next level - together, in a team that motivates, supports and successfully complements each other every day - led by a management team that sees you not as an employee, but as an important part of something bigger. The revolution of the service sector. 

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We are young and old. Curious and experienced. Motivated and high spirited. Enthusiastic. Passionate. WE ARE ONE CREW.

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