About us

"Customers don't want satisfaction. Customers want enthusiasm!"

Honoring your company with the HIPE AWARD emphasizes your service and recommends your company

"Customers don't want satisfaction. Customers want enthusiasm!"
We fulfill this philosophy with passion and full-heartedly.

Our vision is to guarantee consumers more qualitative security by both identifying and honoring paramount service providers. Therefore, HIPE AWARD reaching more than 12 million companies and approximately 20.000 applications, HIPE AWARD ranks among the most important and most popular awards in German-speaking regions.

Revolutionizing customer experience by setting new standards in service markets has been our mission from the very beginning. Our award winners undergo proprietary test and assessment methods covering the following categories: quality, performance, service and effectiveness.

Since its foundation HIPE AWARD has had a sustainable effect on the service industry by creating new customer experiences.