Das Management

Das Management

Boban Micic

Founders & CEO

Visionary and founder of HIPE AWARD.

With HIPE AWARD, Bobi is pursuing the goal of raising the service industry to a new level and establishing quality and enthusiasm as the standard.

As Chief Executive Officer, he holds the strategic reins and shapes the company and our team.


Elvira Braun

Chief Operating Officer

As a high performer in the areas of management, strategy, brand awareness and analytics, Elli is at the steering wheel and guides the company to top performance with her 360° view.

She is responsible for the organization of operational processes as well as the development and implementation of the corporate strategy and forms the link between Bobi and the different departments.


Evin Asboy

Team Lead Examination

Evin is the Swiss pocket knife in the management team. A big heart and always ready to listen. No task is too big and no challenge too complex.

As Team Lead Examination, she puts our participants through their paces with our Examination Team. If something is "not to google", Evin will find out - that's a promise!


Michaela Klara Mylius

Team Lead Social Media

As a millennial, Mischa is a social media enthusiast and understands like no other: content needs to tickle not just the eye, but all our senses!

Mischa manages the social media department and designs HIPE AWARD's public image! Thanks to her, we have a unique visual language, captivating words and great online marketing for our award winners.


The Team

Who we are

Our HIPE AWARD CREW is the heart of the company.