Makler Nachfolger Club e.V.

Makler Nachfolger Club e.V.
Makler Nachfolger Club e.V.

Eine Auszeichnung mit dem HIPE AWARD ist eine klare Empfehlung der Dienstleistung.

In addition to meeting our very high quality standards and successfully passing the HIPE AWARD testing and evaluation process, Makler Nachfolger Club e.V., led by Thomas Suchoweew, is particularly convincing thanks to its constant availability and individual customer service, which leaves nothing to be desired.

A generational change can be a major challenge for many brokerage firms, which can also quickly become a fundamental problem. Well-established teams, a high-caliber pool of brokerage talent with years of experience, and a core clientele built up over the years. All this has to be given up if no suitable successor can be found. In such cases, the team of the Makler Nachfolger Club e.V. acts as a supportive partner and creates an escape route from company dissolution.

HIPE AWARD pertains to the most renowned awards in the service industry and established itself to a well-known quality seal in recent years extending the entire DACH-region. Our network consists of award-winning service providers achieving excellent results on a daily basis on behalf of their customer enthusiasm.

We are convinced: "Customers do not want enthusiasm. Customers want exictement.” - HIPE AWARD


Makler Nachfolger Club e.V.

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