Claudia Elsässer Mediation|Coaching|Training

Claudia Elsässer Mediation|Coaching|Training

Honoring your company with the HIPE AWARD emphasizes your service.

In addition to meeting our very high quality standards and successfully passing the HIPE AWARD testing and evaluation process, Claudia Elsässer Mediation|Coaching|Training is particularly convincing thanks to its high level of competence and enthusiastic customer testimonials, which report unique experiences.

Meditation, coaching or training. Claudia Elsässer always focuses on the well-being and needs of her clients in all the services she offers. Even if the most diverse paths and stories lead to the passionate resilience trainer, the desire at the core is always the same: finding back to oneself, to one's own ideas. The way to get there? Often not easy between everyday life, professional stress and other obligations ... and yet: With the help and support of the professional business coach, customers learn to take their own path, happy and successful in the long term.

HIPE AWARD pertains to the most renowned awards in the service industry and established itself to a well-known quality seal in recent years extending the entire DACH-region. Our network consists of award-winning service providers achieving excellent results on a daily basis on behalf of their customer enthusiasm.

We are convinced: "Customers do not want enthusiasm. Customers want exictement.” - HIPE AWARD


Claudia Elsässer Mediation|Coaching|Training

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