Agrostim Biotechnologieprodukte GmbH

Agrostim Biotechnologieprodukte GmbH

Honoring your company with the HIPE AWARD emphasizes your service.

In addition to meeting our very high quality standards and successfully passing the HIPE AWARD testing and evaluation procedure, Agrostim Biotechnologieprodukte GmbH, of Uwe Böhm, is particularly convincing thanks to its exceptional reliability and customer-centred support, which leave no room for dissatisfaction.

Convince yourself of this amazing service quality and book your next inspiring customer experience now!

This high performance team has the following services ready for you:

  • Soil analysis

  • Advice

  • Identification of reserves and deficiencies in mineral nutrients and nutrient ratios in the soil

  • Consideration of biology and humus for soil development and plant reactions

  • Biological soil analysis

  • Economical and more effective use of technical fertilisers and plant protection products

  • Quick analysis

HIPE AWARD pertains to the most renowned awards in the service industry and established itself to a well-known quality seal in recent years extending the entire DACH-region. Our network consists of award-winning service providers achieving excellent results on a daily basis on behalf of their customer enthusiasm.

We are convinced:
"Customers do not want enthusiasm. Customers want excitement.” - HIPE AWARD


Agrostim Biotechnologieprodukte GmbH

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